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Install Wi-Fi Cameras (Up to 4 Cameras)

Starting at $159.99

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Sit back and let our professionals install up to 4 wireless cameras, so you can monitor your location. 

Before We Begin 

When we arrive at the site, we’ll discuss the scope of work and your personal preferences to ensure that services purchased meet your needs and expectations. If they don’t, we’ll recommend solutions. 

Mounting The Cameras 

Using the mounts you supply, we’ll place 4 wireless cameras in the locations of your choice, including walls, ceilings and doorbell areas. We’ll also mount up to 4 solar panels near the devices that are being powered by the solar panels. 

DVR Installation 

We’ll install and configure your non-restricted stand-alone computer- or cloud-based digital video recorder (DVR) unit. 

Connecting To Your Network 

We’ll connect and configure the cameras to your existing wireless network or a smart hub that you supply. We’ll also help you set up any applicable apps on your device to control the cameras. 

Final Steps 

We’ll verify the camera positions and change batteries as needed. We’ll also demonstrate how to use the new system and components. We’ll also help with personalization and the configuration of an existing voice control device with your new camera setup. Finally, we’ll let you know how to contact us for future support, answer any questions you may have, and provide solutions as needed.

Per Camera 

For any additional cameras, an add-on charge must be assessed for installation

*This service does not include computer repair, troubleshooting, installation or concealment of any cable or wiring, setup or configuration of a new wireless network, recommendations on camera placement, home/mount modifications, or professional monitoring service setup/enablement. 

* Additional charges may be incurred if a specialty ladder, scaffolding, or lift is required to perform the installation. If camera(s) or camera accessories will be placed on a surface such as brick or stucco, Add-on Custom Camera Mounting service is also required.

* Service returns cannot be accepted after installation services are completed. 

* Additional charges may be required for land travel beyond installation coverage areas.